Richard Maxwell

High School: Arcadia High Scool

Location: Phoenix, AZ

Subject: Music

Brief Bio: Musician, GRAMMY® nominee, and internationally recognized Education Innovator, Richard Maxwell’s musical journey has been anything but typical. Along with his own musical pursuits, many times reflecting his desire to push the limits of how technology and the Creative Process can be linked, he also has an extensive background in the Symphony Orchestra world, having spent over a decade as a conductor. 

Maxwell has always looked to explore how music can cross genres and expectations, manifesting in his own music as well as culminating with his developing the groundbreaking, and ever evolving, Creative Musical Arts & Sciences (CMAS) program, at Arcadia High School, in Phoenix, Arizona – a fully open creative platform and record label run by students, all creating and producing their own music, that is endorsed by a who’s-who of music education and industry professionals. 

Grateful to have been recognized multiple times nationally, along with a host of awards and other honors, Richard is always up for exploring new ways to evolve the Creative Process, be it through producing others in recording studios, assisting musicians across any number of genres in getting the most out of their own musical resources of skills and equipment, working with student musicians, mentoring educators, or creating his own music. 

Complete this sentence: Engineering is _______.

in everything!