Social Justice Statement Engineering for US All stands with the Black American community and others impacted by police brutality, as well as other forms of systemic injustices. We are committed to intentionally introducing underrepresented and minoritized populations to the field of engineering.

We acknowledge that our discipline developed in the U.S. via hegemonic systems of power and racism, and has for far too long failed to redress inequities perpetuated by many engineering advances. It is the responsibility of engineers and engineering educators everywhere to fully engage in promoting social justice. Engineering, by its very nature, has the power to be transformative for professionals in the field, as well as those communities impacted by engineering solutions. The field will be well-served by the results of a commitment to actively challenge racism and all forms of oppression while embracing diversity, equity, and inclusion. Such a commitment will lead to greater innovation and overall will have a positive impact on humanity. Starting today, we call on all engineering and all STEM scholars to join us in holding one another accountable to continually developing culturally relevant pedagogy to promote social justice.