The MyDesign® Learning Management System (LMS) for Design is built on 10+ years of National Science Foundation (NSF) funded research, which culminated in development of the Engineering Design Process Portfolio Scoring Rubric (EDPPSR).  The MyDesign® implementation of the EDPPSR has been proven effective in an NSF EAGER Teacher Professional Development program.


MyDesign® structures the EDPPSR in a modern web application that facilitates organization of large groups of students engaged in design project activities. MyDesign® is available as both a standalone web application and as an LTI Advantage-compatible (LTI 1.3) external tool that integrates with a learning institution’s LMS to organize classrooms into project teams, support virtual teamwork through web technology, efficiently capture and store student work in ePortfolios, and facilitate student and teacher communications.

MyDesign® supports lesson planning and project definition for teachers, while standardizing and facilitating teacher grading of student designs. MyDesign® organizes student work into EDPPSR Design Elements to standardize student expectations and evaluation, while informing students through teacher recommended links to tools, information sites and videos.  

MyDesign® links to the class calendar and provides hints and alerts for upcoming due dates, student submissions, and teacher grading results.  Students can readily view the status of all work submitted and review teacher grades and comments.  Teachers are informed of overall class, individual and team progress.