Built upon 21 years of research, the MyDesign® rubric provides students and educators with a valid and reliable way to assess engineering design process portfolios.  The MyDesign® Learning Management System structures the rubric in a modern web-based application that facilitates organization of large groups of students engaged in design project activities.

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MyDesign® structures the rubric in a modern web-based application that facilitates organization of large groups of students engaged in design project activities. The MyDesign® Learning Management System operates as a stand-alone web-based application or can integrate with a learning institution’s Learning Management System (LMS) to organize classrooms into project teams, support virtual teamwork through web technology, efficiently capture and store student work in ePortfolios, incorporate the MyDesign rubric for scoring and grading student work, and facilitate student and teacher communications. Help for MyDesign users is provided by selecting the life-preserver icon at the bottom right of any screen. The help function provides suggested content, offers live chat, and gives customers instant access to their support history.


Flexibility and Connectivity

The MyDesign® software effortlessly integrates with your institution's Learning Management System (LMS) as an LTI Advantage-Compatible (LTI 1.3) external tool.

Effortless Classroom Management:

  • Streamline class and class roster management directly through your LMS.
  • Empower educators to define projects, organize students into teams, and assess design documents using the integrated MyDesign® rubric, seamlessly compatible with leading LMS platforms such as Canvas and Blackboard.


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Standalone MyDesign® Version:

  • For institutions without an LTI-compatible LMS, e4usa offers a standalone version of MyDesign®.
  • Enjoy document management and sharing capabilities with Google Classroom and Google Docs.
  • Take control of Learning Institution, Class, and Class Roster creation and maintenance within the MyDesign® software itself.
  • Similar to the LTI version, educators can define projects, arrange students into teams, and evaluate design documents using the MyDesign® Rubric.

Collaborative Learning Made Easy:

  • Both versions of MyDesign® facilitate the organization of classrooms into project teams.
  • Leverage web technology to support seamless virtual teamwork.

Experience the convenience and power of MyDesign® for your educational needs. Whether integrated with your LMS or used as a standalone solution, we empower educators and institutions to enhance the learning experience through effective design and collaboration.

Integrated with Curriculum

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Teacher lesson plans and project definitions are guided by the 12 Element MyDesign® rubric design process. Within MyDesign, educators provide students with:

  • Project definitions and assignments for both individuals and teams to support the e4usa curriculum.
  • Assignment due dates to help students stay on track.
  • Access to informational documents and links to support students throughout the design process.



The MyDesign® manages the class calendar and provides hints and alerts for upcoming due dates. It also facilitates notifications for teachers when students submit their work, and students are notified when teachers grade and provide feedback on their submissions.

Facilitates Student and Teacher Communications

  • Students can readily view the status of their submitted work and review the grades and comments provided by their teachers. This fosters transparent and constructive feedback.
  • Teachers utilize the platform to enhance the learning environment by recommending documents, sharing tools, linking informational sites, and providing videos as part of project definition and assignments. Students can also define and save similar resources for themselves to their own use.
  • Teachers can monitor the progress of both individual students and teams, allowing for targeted support and assessment. This ensures accountability and facilitates tailored instruction for selected projects or the entire class.


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Standardizes and Facilitates Teacher Evaluation of Student Designs

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  • MyDesign® simplifies the grading process for teachers by utilizing a multiple-choice, fill-in-the-blank format facilitating the application of 12-Element MyDesign® rubric to assess student work.  MyDesign® allows teachers to download student submissions, use a point-and-click interface for document scoring, and upload modified documents along with comments to provide feedback on student designs.
  • Teachers can adjust the grade conversion of MyDesign® Rubric scores (0 - 5) to percentage-based grades (0 - 100%).

Supports ePortfolios

Streamlined ePortfolio Management:

  • MyDesign organizes student document submissions by projects, simplifying ePortfolio management.
  • Students can access their documents online, including submission dates and comprehensive teacher feedback in the form of scores, comments, and suggested modifications, all aligned with the MyDesign® design process.

Collaborative Design Review:

  • Students can upload design documents in standard formats for teacher review.
  • Teachers can evaluate and score documents using the MyDesign® rubric, offer comments and upload annotated copies to guide students throughout the design process.
  • For those using the Standalone version of MyDesign®, students and teachers working in Google Classroom and Google Docs can continue to do so while MyDesign® captures copies of the documents.


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