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Why should you take an e4usa course?

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Discover Engineering

Engineering is all around us! e4usa empowers, engages, and excites students to use what they know and find what they are passionate about to take control and boldly influence the world. In our course, you will learn about the diversity of the engineering discipline and community, as well as the role of engineering in our everyday lives as well as the role of engineering in our everyday lives. Engineering is for us all!

Six of e4usa students and three teachers holding their projects infront of the zebra cage at the zoo.

Impact Your Community

Engineering is how we solve problems. Engineers design solutions that improve medicine and healthcare, cybersecurity, access to clean water, energy efficiency, smart technology, transportation, and more! In e4usa, you will have the opportunity to design and create solutions to real-world problems in your own community. According to Dr. Thea Pepperl (Virginia Commonwealth University), a 2021-22 university liaison, e4usa offers "a great opportunity to empower students to think through a problem and come up with a solution."


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Earn College Credit

High school students who successfully complete e4usa may earn college course credit and placement at participating colleges and universities. Contact us at to learn more.


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"I worked with nanophotonics and phase change materials. I would not be able to digest these difficult concepts without having learned the problem-solving approach from the e4usa class. I can apply engineering everywhere in my life meaningfully and intentionally now, with a newfound appreciation for the study. Thank you to e4usa!"

Nneamaka Agwumezie e4usa graduate, ERHS CO’2024
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