The e4usa Curriculum has been designed with certain expectations for school sites, teachers, and students.  These expectations specify the minimum acceptable levels of commitment to ensure a positive pilot course experience.


Expectations of e4usa School Sites:

  1. The course must be offered as a full-year course.
  2. The class offering should meet for a minimum of 100 hours prior to the summative course examination scheduled during the second week of May.
  3. We assume 200 minutes of instructional time per week for a minimum of 30 weeks prior to the mid-May summative examination.
  4. This course scheduling should permit sufficient time to work on engineering design projects between the start and end of the class meeting times.
  5. Tools and facilities should be available to ensure students have the opportunity to create prototypes of their designs projects.
  6. Teachers should be given adequate time during the school day to properly prepare for and generate curricular materials in response to student design project concepts.
  7. School sites should support each e4usa teacher's attendance at a Summer Institute and participation in virtual or on-site professional development sessions throughout the duration of the school year.
  8. Submit an registration fee of $1,400 to cover the cost of year-long professional learning, including Summer Professional Development.
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Expectations of e4usa Teachers:

  1. Teachers should be comfortable with uncertainty and be willing to guide students as they attempt projects for which a single solution does not exist.
  2. Teachers should be comfortable teaching basic mathematics concepts during the course.
  3. Teachers should be willing to learn alongside students to support their design project efforts and to generate necessary curricular resources in response to student design project concepts.
  4. Teachers should be willing to engage in ongoing professional development activities, such as online learning communities.

Expectations of e4usa Students:

  1. Students will have successfully completed algebra I.
  2. Students will work in teams and will contribute equitably to the design, construction and testing of an engineered solution.
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