Design A thon

November 2021

In this issues:

  • Read about the 2022-2023 Academic Year Application process. Applications are due Dec 10!
  • Watch an AMAZING video about what we do in e4usa!
  • Read about Glencliff Comprehensive High School's first in-person Design-A-Thon and the student projects presented.
  • and more!

In memory of William Silkman

October 2021

In this issues:

  • In Memory of William Silkman
  • Read about how Student Learning Objectives (SLOs) and their related rubrics are being used in e4usa classrooms!
  • Follow us on Twitter for photos, stories, research highlights, and more @e4usa

Teacher partnership map 2021

September 2021

In this issues:

  • Check out this new teacher resource: Engineering Ethics Versatile Questions!
  • Reach about a University Liaison's experience with e4usa high school graduate!
  • Read about our new growth and plans for continued growth in the future!
  • and more!

Summer PD workshop zoom snapshot

August 2021

In this issues:

  • Hear about the experiences of e4usa teachers in their professional development this summer!
  • Hear what current e4usa University Liaisons are excited about in the upcoming school year!
  • Check out our new website!
  • and more!



July 2021

In this issues:

  • Register for 2021 ASEE Annual Conference and Exposition and attend the sessions led by e4usa team members!
  • Hear about the experiences of four e4usa coaches in their professional development this summer!
  • Read our first e4usa student alumnus interview!
  • and more!

2021 PCEE Conference for P-12 Educators

June 2021

In this issues:

  • Get a recap of sessions led by e4usa team members at the 2021 PCEE Conference for P-12 Educators!
  • Check out our new website!
  • Check out our new high school and university liaison partnerships!
  • and more!

e4usa Student Project for Neighbor's Mailbox

May 2021

In this issues:

  • Check out the new e4usa + FIRST partnership!
  • Read about the final solutions offered by e4usa classroom for safe swing!
  • See the work being done by Girls Preparatory School students!
  • and more!

e4usa in the news

April 2021

In this issues:

  • Watch a video about ways to partner with the e4usa team by offering college credit at your institution
  • Check out an e4usa project in the news!
  • Read how an e4usa teacher sees "for us all" play out in his classroom.
  • and more!

glove prototype

March 2021

In This Issue:

  • e4usa classroom is working on as semi-finalists for Samsung Solve for Tomorrow!
  •  Take a peek at the reflections of students as they progress through an e4usa project
  • Read about an e4usa's student's intentions to major in engineering in college.
  • and more!

Wallet Design

February 2021

In This Issue:

  • e4usa classroom helps their community by making a safe swing for a community member 
  • Read how one of our first-year e4usa teachers sees the e4usa mission in his classroom play out
  • Watch some of our e4usa team members present their research at the AAAS Annual Conference
  • and more!

Tania Recinos e4usa High School: Patterson High School in Baltimore, MD

January 2021

In This Issue:

  • Applications for joining e4usa are now open!
  • e4usa Team Upcoming Research Presentations 
  • Hear it from Tania, Patterson High School in Baltimore, MD
  • and more!

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